Meet the Godmothers


Vicki McLaughlin – A founding member, Co-chair extraordinaire and event coordinator. This tireless volunteer is the ‘glue’ that keeps our team together! Vicki is the Corporate Partnership Specialist for the Calgary Board of Education. Boundless enthusiasm and a genuine desire to help, make Vicki an amazing leader for the Cinderella Project. Liaising with the school based Godmothers who select the students that participate, coordinator of fund raising, meeting organizer, accessory coordinator, student volunteer coordinator, keeps Vicki very busy. She volunteers for the Cinderella Project because making a difference for one student lays the path for future success.

Maureen Henderson –Introduced to the Cinderella Project in 2007, Maureen occupies the position of Co-Chair with Vicki McLaughlin. Her extensive marketing background coupled with her event experience make the Cinderella Project the perfect fit for her expressive creativity. Maureen is focused on raising the profile for the Cinderella Project to lay the foundation for future growth and opportunity. The reason she volunteers for the Cinderella Project is because she believes that every girl has amazing promise with the help of positive role models. She knows that the shape our community is determined by the amount of time we invest in our future leaders.

Lenora Kingcott – A consummate professional, this Bridal Expo Executive Producer is an amazing support for our organizing committee. Her gentle, yet persuasive approach has helped to influence our inventory collection in a very positive way! Lenora has been a volunteer with the Cinderella Project for six years and volunteers her time because she truly believes that this experience helps to shape the future for deserving young ladies. Lenora is our Dress Godmother that connects with all of the dress stores in Calgary to get hundreds of absolutely beautiful donated gowns for the project. The Cinderella Project has been so lucky to have Lenora with her Bridal Expo connections join the Cinderella Team.
Sandra Robinson –She works with her Sir Winston Churchill students going through donated gowns and other items dropped off a Sir Winston Churchill. Sandra also works with our amazing dry-cleaner, Martinizing by Stephen to get dresses ready for the event. Her influence on students to take an active role in helping one another has helped to build a solid core of student volunteers that any city would be proud of!

Kim Alladin- is a new and awesome addition to our Cinderella Team. She is the Learning Leader of Student Services at Sir Winston Churchill High School and the Coordinator of Volunteers for the Cinderella Project. Kim joined the Cinderella Project in 2010 and became involved through her previous position of Guidance Counselor at Sir William Van Horne. Kim believes that many girls would not have had the opportunity to participate in their graduation without the support of the Cinderella Project. Kim says that her first event day in 2010 was absolutely incredible and magical, and will now be a life-long advocate for this amazing project. Her involvement has allowed her to witness first-hand the impact that Project has on girls even after the event.

Barb Kelly – A Director of Design with Albi Homes, Barb has a flare for everything tasteful and elegant. Her passion for pretty led to the creation of our signature ‘Cinderella’ brand. Barb has been volunteering with the Cinderella Project for over five years is one of our two Bling Godmothers who organize all of the jewellery donations and ordering. Barb volunteers because she believes that every girl deserves to feel pretty at least once in her lifetime!

Deborah Armstrong – Senior Interior Designer for Albi Homes, this ‘bling expert’ has turned all of us into shopping enthusiasts! Her motto: ‘classy, not trashy’ says it all. Quiet and unassuming, Deborah can light up a room with her infectious smile and generous heart. She has been volunteering with the Cinderella Project for over five years and is our second Bling Godmother. Deborah’s reason for being part of this project is of the positive transformation that is experienced with every participant.

Naomi Tercier & Kim Buchanan – are the Cinderella Board representatives from the Canadian Pacific’s Women on Track. Behind the scenes they work tirelessly to coordinate volunteers from CP to assist with Project day, they collect donated items for the event, they coordinate and run fundraisers with their staff throughout the year and have provided terrific graphic design support from their team over their years of involvement with the Cinderella Project. Their time and effort as well as the support from their staff truly make a difference!

Andrea Clarke – Andrea is an elementary teacher with the Calgary Board of Education at Earl Grey School. Sewing since the age of 8, making outfits for Barbie and her friends, Andrea is the perfect fit to lead the Cinderella alterations team. Over the years, she has crafted many special dresses for young ladies, including graduation, bridesmaid, flower girl and wedding gowns. Her newest project is sewing kilts all by hand. Her creative talent and eye for detail are critical to ensure that every participant gets the dress of her dreams! Whether it’s sewing machines or sergers, this thread queen can make a masterpiece out of anything! Andrea volunteers her time with the Cinderella Project to give back to the ‘fabric’ of her community.

Ruby Fedkiw- Ruby is the lead from Paragon Pharmacy that is responsible for the Paragon Hall of Dreams. This is where the girls finish choosing their selections they get to go to an area where Ruby has gift bags, draw prizes, makeup artists, hairstylists for the Cinderellas to be totally transformed if they wish. This provides the icing on the already amazing cake that the Cinderella experience is.

Shawna Watt and Mandy Labrie- are both teachers in the Calgary Board of Education. Mandy is our Shawl Accessory Godmother who coordinates all of our shawl donations and Shawna is our mirror and housecoat Godmother and can be found coordinating one of our many ‘work bees’. Both ladies are valued additions to our growing team.

Charlotte Holmlund- our amazing shoes accessory Godmother. Her ability to deal well with numbers has come in very handy for the extremely difficult job of making sure we have shoes ready in all sizes for the event. Her love of numbers runs a close second for her love of shoes, so together it was a match made in heaven for this shoe fanatic!

Karen Durbeniuk- is the Consultant for Calgary Catholic Junior High Athletics and Physical Education. She is our our handbag Godmother always on the look out for a great find! Karen brings her organizational skills into play, making sure every Cinderella has the opportunity to select a beautiful handbag. Thanks to Karen, our inventory is filled with handbags in every color, shape and size.

Susan Church- is the Director of Area II for the Calgary Board of Education. She joined the Cinderella team over 5 years ago as the CBE system liaison and has much wisdom and experience to bring to our board. Susan has been instrumental in the coordinationa and support for the bus transportation that has been provided to the participants in need of assistance. Her support for our team has been invaluable to navigate towards continued success with our program.

Kathleen Engle – Is a U of C student that works with Youth Central in coordinating all our student volunteers for dress work bees and student volunteers for the event day. Kathleen also helps in many other ways such as organizing our storage facility.

Other amazing board members include; Brenda Heater, Corrie Chalifioux, Sandy Aitchison, Rene Engel, Claudia Bustos, Chantelle Ethier and Kelsey McLaughlin