Become a Cinderella

If you are or would like to nominate a graduate in need to apply to become a Cinderella, speak to your high school guidance counsellor for a referral by December of your graduation year. Each high school should have a school based Godmother that is familiar with the program. If your school does not have a school based Godmother, contact CBE Corporate Partnerships to receive information and register your school. All referrals are discreet and held in the strictest of confidences so as to protect our Cinderellas. All Cinderellas invited must be on the path to graduate in the year they are invited.

Most high school seniors are concerned with getting good grades, entering a post-secondary education or the world of work and getting through the year. However, for some teenagers the challenges that they face every day are very adult. These brave youth are putting food on the table, working multiple jobs, raising younger siblings or possibly raising a child of their own, doing everything that they can to ensure that their families can make ends meet. Often there isn’t room for the luxury of celebrating their graduation. Going to graduation celebration is a financial impossibility and a distant dream.

Entirely volunteer based, the Cinderella Gown Project helps teens in need realize their dreams so they can go to their graduation. Our program is discreet, and a celebration of the diversity and educational achievement of our youth. We provide services from our donors and sponsors such as dresses, shoes, accessories, makeup and hairstyles. Our Cinderellas are given two Fairy Godmothers who help them along the magical process and they are then celebrated at an invite-only event for all of the participants. The Cinderellas get to keep their dresses and other gifts after their graduation and we often find that they were so moved by the experience that they volunteer in later years or give their dresses back!